Online Intuitive Tarot Readings

Blending classic tarot and astrology with intuitive insights

I use clairvoyance and clairsentience to connect with my guides to bring through accurate messages for you. The tarot is the medium I use to assist in bringing the energy in.

Tarot cards, when used as a divination tool, offer amazing insights and direction into your life. 

My energy readings are direct, heart felt and straight to the point, whilst at the same time being accurate and informative.

I provide virtual sessions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Renew your zest for life

During and after the energy reading you are given tools to help you heal and release anything that comes through that your ready to move from. 

I am acompassionate and empathetic reader, who uses her psychic gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance to see, hear and feel the messages hidden in the cards.

With my vast knowledge of both astrology and healing you will not only walk away from an energy reading with me feeling lighter but you will leave with a renewed sense of direction for your life.

My online offerings for you

Through years of doing tarot readings I have found that most people come with a specific question or questions in mind that they’d like clarity and or direction on. With this in mind I have split up my readings so they are tailored to suit you.

3 Cards Reading

Personalised Recording | $45

This popular reading answers ONE question using up to 3 cards. Click “Purchase” to fill out the order form with your birth date and your ONE question.  I will send you a personalised reading as .mp4 file within 72hrs.  Readings are 15-20 minutes.

60mins Intuitive Energy Reading

60mins | $110

This detailed reading looks at the root cause of the situation, the past energies that are affecting this issue, what your subconscious blocks are, your conscious thought’s on it, your energy and how its playing out, your environment and how that’s affecting you, your hopes and fears and then your predicted outcome. This reading is by booking only and is done online through zoom.

30mins Intuitive Energy Reading

30mins | $80

This is a detailed reading on whatever it is your needing clarity around. We go into what the root cause of the issue is, the past energies affecting the current issue, the predicted outcome of that issue. This reading is by booking only and is done online through zoom.

45MINs Chakra Reading & Clearing

45Mins | $100

When one or more chakras are out of balance or blocked, this can manifest in physical illness or emotional stress. In this reading, we explore and scan your aura and chakra centres for energetic imbalances. By tuning into your energy field, we can create a deeper understanding on what is going on for you on an energetic level and heal and release anything that comes through that you are ready to move from.

The Year ahead Reading

60mins | $150

This is one of the most popular readings, as it shows your year ahead (done at anytime during the year) areas to look out for, best times to travel, study, go for a new job, etc. I break down each month (12 in total) and deep dive into what’s coming up within that month. We do an oracle card at the beginning to see what the tone of the year is looking like, and we finish with an affirmation for you to take into the year based on the energy of the reading. This is an online reading done through zoom. bookings required.

Gift Voucher

For any type of live reading 

Gift the gift of clarity! A gifted energy tarot reading is an amazing way to  surprise your friend or a loved one.