Hello there,

Forever a student of life with a calling and passion for helping others. I spent several years learning, studying and awakening my psychic gifts and abilities and found my passion for online intuitive tarot readings.

Over the last decade I trained in and qualified as a Kinesiologist , Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Palm Reader, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and a Clairvoyant intuitive channel, intuitive Tarot reader and Astrology student.

"I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me"- Hermann Hesse

My Story

My name is Jessica Brown, I’m an all things weird enthusiast. From a young age I’ve always been attracted to the metaphysical, the dark and spooky stuff that must people shy away from. Tarot cards, crystal balls, ghosts and the stars have always fascinated me.

I saw my first ghost at the age of 13, which strangely didn’t freak me out one bit. I’ve had hundreds of experiences with sightings, astral travelling, shape shifting (this was next level) and paranormal sightings but ill never forget  my first angle sighting. This changed my life and set me on a path that I’ll forever be grateful for. I was at a time in my life where I was needing guidance and direction. After a long mediation session one day, I opened my eyes and there she was. She appeared as a thick pink mist coming towards me and told me very clearly that her name was Ariel – she even clarified to me “Yes, as in the little mermaid”. 

Ariel was to appear to me many times after this initial encounter, until I found what it was I was meant to be doing, and that was to help people through the use of my psychic gifts.

I started on a decade long journey of learning everything metaphysical that captured my interests, from palm reading to kinesiology, yoga, breathwork, meditation, intuitive development Reiki and much more,  from self-studies to class rooms I found nothing really connected, nothing actually felt like home, until I picked up the tarot.

From the beginning the tarot just clicked for me, the meanings, the images the intuitive downloads, they just started channelling in and I intuitively knew that I was revisiting a past life that I had been subconsciously yearning for all these years.

From the tarot came astrology and an obsession, a thirst (my pluto conjuncts my sun) was born that I’d only felt from the  tarot.

 I started deep diving in to the meanings of the stars and the planets, this in turn took me, and has me still to this day back in the class room, which is where I feel most alive, renewed and aligned.

Want to work with me?

My vision is to be of service to those who feel called to work with me. To help you release, remove and or truly be the person your supposed to be in this life time.

Through the intuitive online tarot and astrology, let me show you what your true potential could be.

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Where else you can find me

I am hosting my own show "The Awakened Muse" on The Spiritual Events Directory facebook page. I am also a registered and certified broadcaster on "The Lightworkers Lab" facebook page.