Frequently asked Questions
Booking Terms & Conditions

The most important thing is to understand that the tarot isn’t about fortune telling. What the tarot does is it reads the energy in the now moment, the future is fluid and ever changing, what I’m tuning into is the energy that your sitting with in that moment.. be open, have faith and use discernment..

A reading goes for the time it is stated. A Reading will always start and finish at the allocated times.

 No I don’t, 30 and 60 minute readings are usually done via zoom, but can be recorded  if you like.

No, all of my readings are done online via zoom.

No unfortunately all readings must be paid in full 24hrs prior to the reading. I do a lot of free readings via my online shows, as this is my way of giving back to such a loving and supportive community.

Yes, that goes without saying.

Whilst this has never been put to me, I still thought Id add it here. No, my readings are not refundable. A lot of time and effort goes into what I do and to offer a refund based on your pre conceived idea of how you thought the reading should have gone would be doing myself a disservice.

Yes, you cant book as many readings as you like. I have clients that book/receive weekly guidance cards all year round. The only time multiple readings are problematic is when I feel there is a co-dependency relationship developing towards me, that is when I recommend no more readings for a 6mths period.

Yin Yoga Class Terms & Conditions

Card passes are valid for 180 days upon purchase

Visits cannot be used by anyone other than the card holder

Late cancels will result in a class being used from your passes

No refunds available for all services

Payments are done in full upon booking

Offerings Booking Terms & Conditions

Late cancellations (less than 12hrs prior to appointment) will result in a $80 fee for bundle offerings and a $40 for tarot readings.

No refunds available for no shows or late cancellations.

Payments are done in full upon booking.